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Attorneys & Private Investigators


Morrison Investigations- Fort Worth, TX

  • There are countless reasons why an attorney would want to hire a private investigator. The most basic reason is that most attorneys and law firms simply do not have the time and resources to conduct a thorough investigation, find and interview potential witnesses, seek and uncover evidence that could be pertinent to proving their client’s case, all in addition to preparing their case and getting their client ready to appear in court. The most effective and efficient way to improve your chances of obtaining the positive outcome your client is counting on you to deliver, is to hire a skilled legal private investigator to work on your behalf.

    Attorneys have a duty to represent their clients in the best possible way, including finding all of the facts of the case. In criminal cases, if the attorney does not find and present all of the facts, it could be professional misconduct, causing ineffectiveness of counsel allegations, a new trial, and possibly, disciplinary sanctions.

    Did I mention all of our investigators are FEMALE!?

    Morrison Investigations offers the following services:
    Interviewing techniques
    Serving as a fact or expert witness
    Statement taking
    Utilizing sophisticated databases
    Handling of evidence, both physical and documentary
    Dealing with reluctant or adverse witnesses
    Access to other experts in various forensic disciplines
    Knowledge of other private investigators in other geographic locations for subpoena and other services
    Covert Surveillance (Family Court- Child Custody and Divorce)

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