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Morrison Investigations introduces Judgement Recovery in North Texas!

At Morrison Investigations, our goal is to ensure that our clients achieve a competitive advantage from accurate, reliable and discreet corporate intelligence, both financial and non-financial.
Based In Fort Worth, TX, Morrison Investigations conduct intelligence gathering throughout the State of Texas. Morrison Investigations is a company comprised of curent anf former Private Investigators, Mortgage professionals and court document professioals who are eager to take on the courts and the debtor in your case.  We specialize in conducting asset searches and investigations for the purpose of satisfying civil litigation judgments. The goal of our investigation is to locate real estate, businesses, vehicles, bank accounts, and employers of debtors. Once the investigation is complete, we utilize liens, levies and garnishments to compel the debtor to pay the judgment.  There is no risk or upfront monies owed!!!
Wherever our clients are in the world, we provide them with in-depth support, mitigating risk through the provision of high-grade information. We ensure that our corporate intelligence products contain detailed knowledge founded on in-depth investigations and data mining.
We specialize in fraud, workers compensation fraud, civil litigations, asset investigation/recovery and judgment recovery.
Contact us today!
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