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Morrison Investigation will Catch Infidelity

We will find you the answers you need!

Morrison Investigations has a wide variety of expertise… Infidelity investigation is just one.

A Surveillance Investigation is an investigation where a subject is monitored and usually recorded without their knowledge, to obtain information for a client.  The investigator is hired to survey a subject that may be cheating on a spouse. We are able to go out and obtain video of the subject’s movements through out the day and night. Sometimes the subject is caught on video!

One of the most popular types of surveillance investigations involves cheating spouses. If you suspect your spouse is being unfaithful, a surveillance investigation is one of the best ways to find out if your suspicions are right. The investigation can include still photographs or video taken in order to catch the suspected cheater in the act. It’s impossible to “deny” a photo!

Some signs to look for if you suspect your spouse/significant other is cheating are:

*Working longer hours or more than usual

*Hiding their cell phone

*Hiding credit card or Bank statements

*A change in sex life

*A change in grooming habits (tanning, working out,new style clothing, new cologne)

*Spending more time on the computer

*Unexplained hours away from home

*Not answering cell phone or not returning calls in a timely manner

*Deleting texts &/or call history from cell phone

These are just a few of the signs to look for. If you can answer yes to several of these, your suspicions are probably correct!  Come talk to us before you confront your spouse/significant other.

Hiring a P.I. is a hard decision to make and not to be taken lightly. Our investigators will listen to your concerns and discuss your options that will best achieve your desired results.

Call Morrison Investigations for a NO OBLIGATION quote! Easy payments options are available.

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